4 Bottles Fine Dining White Package Plus


4 Bottles Fine Dining White Package Plus

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This is our Fine Dining White Package Plus containing one 0.75l bottle of each:

  • Neverland Blanc 2019, 12.5% ​​alcohol
  • Eden Sauvignon Blanc 2020, 12.5% ​​alcohol
  • Class A Grauburgunder vom Kalkriff 2020, 13.5% alcohol
  • Opus K Cuvée Prestige 2020, 13% alcohol

2019 Neverland Blanc dry organic*

Hardly any other grape variety knows how to reproduce the type of vinification as charmingly and precisely as Chardonnay. The grapes of the 2019 vintage were selectively harvested by hand and aged in four different 225L barriques after pressing. French oak, Palatinate oak, American oak and acacia wood create an arc of tension with the minerality and fruit of the grape.

As big Chardonnay aficionados, we especially love reductive varieties that perfectly reflect their soils - and preferably soils that hold proper fossils. As we are located on the banks of the Ice Age Rhine, our vines are rooted in precisely these minerals and we have learned to love them since we were children.

What is most fascinating about this wine is its evolution once opened. Air, warmth and a decent glass create images on the taste buds that make you forget everything.

2020 Eden Sauvignon Blanc dry**

"Gooseberry and fine smoke on the nose. Juicy and silky on the palate with apple notes, Cape gooseberry, ripe but vital acidity, citrus fruit, grapefruit, fine phenolic layering. Compact, consistent, elegant, finishes spicy, some allspice and cumin." - Falstaff

The best grapes from our Sauvignon Blanc vineyard were allowed to mature for a year in 320L barrels. We rely on the old craft of cooperage from Burgundy, which in this case has made a name for itself on the Loire.

We see the ageing in wooden barrels as an opportunity for the wine to become even more delicate and not to absorb wood or roasted aromas. This opportunity to mature and oxidize was good for him, for the wine has become more calm, deeper and more subtle. It's fun to deal with this Garden of Eden.

2020 Class A Grauburgunder vom Kalkriff dry organic***

Our Class A Pinot Gris from Kalkriff (Handwerk) draws on the enormous mineral structure of a cool south/west location and shows what true pioneering spirit is all about.

Here we bring together the extremes of reductive and oxidative facets that we take from the vineyard into the wine cellar and can thus present a wine that combines no fewer than 5 Pinot Gris styles in a unique balance. The result is a Pinot Gris from Neverland. A multi-faceted pioneer.

We like to call him an elephant on tiptoes. Because at first it appears elegant and structured. With a large or mouth-blown glass, as well as heat and time, it turns up like a herd of elephants in a sprint and can compete with Wagyu and Co.

2020 Opus K dry organic***

A white wine Cuvée Prestige bursting with excitement for and with the Käfer delicatessen in Munich.

"Apple peel, smoke, citrus fruit and dried apricot in the scent. Soft and velvety on the palate with finely chiseled acidity, the extract unfolds smoothly and velvety, very fine phenols, salty, mineral tones, with depth, worked in fine nuances." - 92.5 points, Falstaff

Together with one of Germany's Top 50 sommelier and maître, Alessandro Borioni, a superlative Burgundy cuvée with a vibrant finish was created. What was created here in Vendersheim during a jam session for the palate could only have come about in the surreal setting of Neverland Vineyards. This Burgundian symphony with a touch of funk, which was only palpable on the palate for a few seconds that evening shortly after midnight, is now making taste images vibrate elsewhere in the delicatessen and Neverland world. The rest is history.


​*​ Landwein Rhein , contains sulphites. Certified organic according to DE-ÖKO-039

** German quality wine, contains sulphites

** ​German quality wine, contains sulphites. Certified organic certified according to DE-ÖKO-039

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